Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3 - Serial Number 7, June 2008 
Effects of restraint stress on nociception , serum testosterone and estradiol concentration in male and female rats

Pages 1-9


parvin Zareian

Evaluation of the activities in health care workers with needle accident in hospitals in Jahrom,Iran

Pages 10-16


Morteza pourahmad; , Mohammad Ali Montansary; Raghibnejad Maryam; Salehifard Abolghasem; Abbass Ghayoomizadeh

Assessment of Relationship between Violence Exposure Pregnancy and Low Birth Weight: a case–control study

Pages 17-26


Hossein Ansari; Z Parisae; E Rahimi; Fatemeh Rakhshaei

The prevalence depression and relationships with academic failure on students of jahrom university medical science.

Pages 27-37


Sedighah Najafipour; Sharzad Yektatalab

The management approach of nurse administrators and Occupational burnout among nurses staff of Golestan University hospitals

Pages 38-55


Rouhi Ghanbar; Mollaei Einollah; Gholamreza Mahmoodi

Investigating the effective factors on the low birth weight in Jahrom, 1384 -85

Pages 56-65


Razieh Zahedi; Managheb Seyed Esmaeil; Mohamad Karimi Sepideh

Knowledge, Attitude and practice of mothers about neonatal swaddling in Jahrom

Pages 67-73


Fatemah Emamghorashi; Seyead Taghi Hidari; zeinat Sayadi

The effect of communication skills training based on Calgary-Cambridge guideline on knowledge, attitude and practice of family physician of Jahrom University of medical sciences 2007

Pages 74-84


Seyed Esmaeil Managheb; Jalil Jaafarian; Hamideh firouzi