Peer Review Process

The process of reviewing and accepting articles

  • The manuscript submitted to Pars Journal of Medical Sciences will be entered into the reviewing process if they comply with the article writing guidelines and objectives areas of the journal.
  • Initially, the manuscript will be reviewed by the editorial board. This council is free to accept, reject and make corrections (with the author's approval) and at every stage of the article publishing process, there is a possibility of rejecting the article with the opinion of the editorial board. The period of receiving the article until the decision to enter the reviewing stage will be a maximum of one week.
  • After the approval of the editorial board, the manuscript will be sent to the relevant reviewers. This journal uses Double-Blind Peer Review, which means that the identity of the reviewers remains hidden from the authors and vice versa during the review process. The received articles will be judged by at least two expert referees and according to the article evaluation checklist. In certain cases, the opinions of more judges may be used. The referees are usually professors, researchers and faculty members of medical sciences universities across the country, to whom articles are sent through the website and received by email. The duration of the article review at this stage will be a maximum of four to six weeks.
  • The journal tries to inform the authors of the article in the shortest possible time. The author is obliged to send his modified article to the journal in the form of two files, including the article with highlighted changes and the response file to the referees, no later than two weeks after receiving the comments of the referees.
  • After making the suggested corrections, the article will be re-examined by the referees. Finally, the editor reviews the referees' comments and based on that, decides to accept or reject the article. As soon as the final approval of the article, the letter of acceptance to publish the article in the journal will be sent to the authors.
  • After the Persian and English editing, the articles will be considered for publication in the first possible issue. The average time from submission to publication of an article in the Pars Journal of Medical Sciences is about 3 months.