Seroloprevalence of Hepatitis G Virus (HGV) in Hemodialysis Patients Jahrom-Iran, 2021


1 Hepatitis G virus (HGV), Sero-prevalence, Hemodialysis, Iran

2 Student Research Committee, Jahrom University of Medical Sciences, Jahrom, Iran

3 Research Center for Social determinants of health, Jahrom University of medical sciences, Jahrom, Iran

4 Zoonoses Research center, Jahrom University of Medical Sciences, Jahrom, Iran


Introduction: Hemodialysis patients are at risk for viral hepatitis due to invasive procedures and frequent contact with
blood and body fluids, this increases the importance of viral hepatitis in patients undergoing hemodialysis. The aim of this study was to determine the serological prevalence of hepatitis G virus (HGV) and its associated factors in hemodialysis patients in Jahrom-Iran.
Material and Methods: This cross-sectional descriptive study was performed on 91 hemodialysis patients in Jahrom-Iran, 2021. The presence of anti-HGV antibodies in the serum of patients was evaluated by ELISA method. Demographic information, mean history of hemodialysis treatment and serum levels of liver enzymes were extracted from patients' records. The obtained data were statistically analyzed by SPSS-16 statistical software using descriptive statistics, T test and chi-square.
Results: The prevalence of anti-HGV IgG and IgM were 5.46% and 0%, respectively. The prevalence of anti- HGV IgG was statistically significantly related to the history of blood transfusion and mean serum levels of ALT, AST, ALP (P<0.05), but there was no statistically significant relationship with the mean age and sex of patients (P>0.05).
Conclusions: The prevalence of HGV in hemodialysis patients in Jahrom is equal to the average prevalence obtained
in hemodialysis patients in other parts of the country. Further research is recommended to determine the role of this virus in causing hepatitis in hemodialysis patients.


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